Sativa® Hemp Bags and Accessories

Established in 2007, Sativa® Hemp Bags are created to the highest standard from our famous eco-friendly blend of 55% Hemp and 45% Organic Cotton.

Discover stylish hemp bags, natural cosmetics and eco-friendly clothing with We believe that good living shouldn’t cost the earth, our range of earth-friendly products combines sustainable resources like hemp with great quality and fresh style. Choose from a wonderful range of stylish Hemp Bags, Hemp Clothing, Natural Bath and Body Products, Hemp Food and Hoodlamb Hemp Clothing.

Revelry Luggage

Odour Absorbing & Water Resistant Luggage and other off the clock accessories imported from Santa Cruz, California. 

25 years in business

We would like to extend our gratitude to everyone; suppliers and most importantly our customers and clients who have purchased something from the many brands that we distribute for. Highend Accessories Ltd is a UK Wholesale and Retail Hemp Related Business. We sell Sativa Bags made exclusively out of Hemp as well as Hemp Toiletries in the form of Hemp Shampoo and Hemp Lotions to food in the form of Hemp Pasta or chocolate.

Here at Highend we take pride in providing a quality service and are always growing to build a stronger and better business each and every year. We supply only the biggest and best products and service to the market. Where many stores will stock everything and saturate the store front we only cherry pick the best for our customers developing relationships with brands to supply goods at a price point that makes everyone happy. Not only catering to the general public through Retail, we also deliver to Wholesale businesses making sure to have as many Exclusive Distribution Deals in place, with the majority being award Winning Winning and Famous Brands and Products. We supply to many large and small business all around the world, we can cater for everyone.

Hemp Doesn't Cost the Earth

Sativa Hemp Bags

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